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Let Powerful Creators Change Your Life

Don't underestimate the power of meditation. It brings long-lasting benefits into your life, lowers your stress levels, helps you connect better and improves your focus

Let Powerful Creators Change Your Life

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What they're saying about us

Juliana de Moraes Prata

Writer and Teacher

Fatima and Shawn's work is powerful. Since the very first group conversations, I felt a great impact of their message on my personal and professional life and how they generously share and guide.

Darren Cockburn

Coach, Writer & Mindfulness Teacher

It was a delight working with Fatima who skilfully supported me in manifesting something that went far beyond my own creative concept. If you ever decide to work with Fatima you will surely be blessed with creativity and an abundance of positive energy!

Mariana Sá Viana

Social Media & Marketing Manager

My path with Fátima & Shawn started when our destinies crossed each other, and I am so grateful for that. Being part of the Powerful Creators team has been helping me to grow both professionally and personally. All the support, synergy and union that involves our collaboration makes me wish to be part of this powerful family for a long time. Grateful.

Manuela Rodrigues

Modern Day Mindfulness Teacher and Founder of The Mindfulness Dentistry Training

I recommend, very much, listening and speaking with Fatima and Shawn. Every time I listen to their podcast, or when I have the opportunity to speak with them, I always have a clear vision about my business (and about the life I want to live). I discovered the power of manifestation with them. They offer beautiful and helpful insights. Besides that, they are the kindest, generous and most joyful people.

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