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Our Story

“Our mission is to elevate vibrational energy and help allow well being and abundance in the world.”

Hi there!
We are the powerful creators Fátima and Shawn!

The Universe crossed our paths in a magical way knowing that we have a beautiful mission in common!

Our mission is to elevate vibrational energy and help allow well being and abundance in the world. Powerful Creators offers secrets and solutions for a more positive mindset, an elevated vibration and a successful life. And this is why we have created this amazing app called Powerful Creators App!

How it all started

  • Fátima is an accomplished pianist and music producer and mommy of a wonderful daughter. Shawn is a real estate professional and entrepreneur with a beautiful wife and daughter.

    In the summer of 2018, Fátima’s and Shawn’s paths crossed in an unexpected way. They became great friends. Shawn shared with Fátima the universe laws and the secrets of success. Fátima quickly understood the process of manifestation and discovered magical changes in her life by putting together the power of positive affirmations with her amazing music!

  • With their mastermind alliance getting into flow and gaining momentum, Fátima and Shawn felt inspired to share their experience with the entire world. Thus, the Powerful Creators project was born! Just like that. We started a movement called the Powerful Creators Mastermind Group.

    People found us through the meditations, music, podcast and course that we published. Fátima inspired people to join together and share their own successful stories and accomplishments.

Our unique content quickly made its way into something even more powerful… The Powerful Creators App!

And here we are! Bringing this wonderful message to the world, in a way that is fun, uplifting and an inspiration to everyone!

Come with us!

It’s time to allow abundance in your life! …In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way, and in its own perfect timing, you can manifest the life you want! can! deserve! are a powerful creator!

What they say about us

Elena Malzacher


Meeting Fátima changed my life a lot, it was this year's extraordinary discovery for me! The versatility, positive spirit, advice and intuition of Fátima are in line with something I have been looking for a long time. I am grateful and happy that our paths have crossed!

Cibele Stefani

Women Entrepreneur

What I love most about the Powerful Creator’s project is the combination of two tools as powerful as music and affirmations. I feel that when I listen to the recordings every part of my body feels the positive effects of that combination. I also love the podcast, I always learn a lot from the dialogues between Fátima and Shawn.

Verónica de Carvalho

Marketing Digital Consultant

I met Fátima Teixeira a few years ago. Our professional lives crossed when the Universe understood that it was the perfect time. I was privileged to meet Fatima. The ideas she shared brought a lot of prosperity and many blessings into my life in general, what she taught me has enriched me a lot as a person. When I first met the Powerful Creators project, I had no doubt that it was made from the heart. Fatima's shares ideas in a generous and sustained manner that allows us to deconstruct our preconceptions and all this through music. I felt its originality and quickly wanted to experience its benefits. Since 2019, it has accompanied me in the most diverse situations of life, from materializing economic desires to overcoming health issues. I am grateful to Fátima and her team, for putting such a powerful tool at the disposal of everyone, I just have to do my part, by following the teachings!

Bruno Vieira

Environmental Engineer

I met Fátima Teixeira in 2019 at a point in my life where things weren't so great. Since then, with Fatima's help, my life has been improving. I have followed all her personal development and entrepreneural teachings (Podcast, Mastermind, Meditations On Line, Insight Timer, etc ...). I am Immensely grateful! Thank you Fátima Teixeira. Shawn is an incredible human being. What I like most about him, is his excellent talent to empower our life stories, in words / affirmations, with an unparalleled sense, Many thanks Shawn McDonald, I am grateful for having you in my life.