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This meditation changed my life!

I listened to this meditation for the first time during the first confinement back in March, 2020. When we were all at home 24 hours per day, which put my current reality to the test in all areas of my life, especially my 20-year love relationship.

I was no longer the same person. In the last few years I have been dedicated to my personal and spiritual self-knowledge and development. My energy frequency changed, and for some reason everything became an effort to keep my vibration in alignment, but without really understanding why.

One day, I decided to listen to the only meditation I never heard before from Fatima's meditation list, “Manifest your soul mate”, and what I experienced at that moment I will never forget. This visualization was so true and so deep that it felt like I was watching my own movie. I saw another person by my side, with the characteristics of a man I wanted, that I always desired, I saw my happiness so pure and completed with this person.

After this meditation I was delighted and shared my experience with Fátima. She told me that this person already existed, that I had already manifested him, that he was already waiting for me, and that at the perfect time I would cross paths with him. She advised me to write down on paper all the characteristics that I wanted and that I saw in this partner.

Exactly 9 months later, I met the Man I always imagined and he has 90% of the characteristics I had written on paper.

The power of Manifestation is really very strong and Fátima has a very unique way of helping us to visualize and manifest with her meditations and musical compositions, they take us to another level.

Thank you Fatima for helping me find the man of my dreams.


Testimonial from one of our readers and my dear friend too!

To hear this meditation that she speaks about, click here.


  • 14 February 2021

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