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Powerful Creators App Crowdfunding Campaign

The great day of my biggest project ever has come: the Powerful Creators App Crowdfunding Campaign! This is the opportunity to be part of the development of an app that can change your mindset and your routine forever!


But first, some clarification... what is the Powerful Creators App?

It is an app that helps people developing a more positive mindset and an elevated vibration! It includes libraries with more than 1000 positive affirmations in Portuguese and English, music and meditations. All this content was recorded, composed and produced by me, Fátima Teixeira.

One of the differentials is that this app allows you to customize your own meditation, so you can choose what kind of topic do you want to improve. Our categories include self confidence, manifesting love, success, work, money, morning routine, weight loss, conscious parenting, kids, and others! It also includes a huge repertoire of mine that I composed and that was never released.


What stage is the app at?

At this stage all the design, content and part of the code are already created, but there are still several necessary steps and so I decided to create a crowdfunding campaign, in which you can be part of this project and support it, at the same time that you can already get rewards related to the app. 

I invite you to watch this video to learn more about the development phase, the features and also how to be part of this incredible project: 




How can I be part of this project?

My mission is to elevate people's vibration and to help allow more well-being and abundance in the world. If this mission and this project resonates with you, I would like to invite you to support this initiative, and to support it even if it is with $1 in the crowdfunding campaign or just sharing to whom you think that would be interested in this mission.


This is the link to the campaign:


Prizes for supporting this campaign:

We have different rewards available. They include:

  • your name in the donor wall of the app
  • powerful wallpapers to inspire you
  • mp3 audio of a meditation produced by me
  • full access to Powerful Creators for a month, a year or forever
  • a customized meditation for your life

and many others!


What you should know...

It is indispensable that we reach the minimum amount of $ 30,000 for the fundraising to run successfully!

Therefore, when you donate today, your amount will not be debited today, but only on May 1st, if we reach the minimum amount of our campaign on April 30. If we don't reach the minimum amount, your donation won't happen.

We fully believe that together we are stronger and that it is an incredible experience to be part of the development of the Powerful Creators App!

So we invite you to share this mission and our campaign link so that more people can be part of this incredible project!


Are you ready to be part of this journey?

If in the meantime you have already made a donation, I send you my deep gratitude and I invite you to comment below or send an email, it will be a pleasure for me to speak with you directly and share with you my energy and affection too!

  • 06 April 2021

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