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Money Limiting Beliefs

Hoje trago exercícios para que possas identificar as tuas próprias crenças limitantes sobre dinheiro, bem como para solucionar e perceber que tipo de afirmações podem ser ditas em substituição, para reprogramar a mente. Não pretendo explicar mas sim ajudar-te na prática, com a forte intenção de te ajudar a manifestar mais abundância financeira na tua vida!

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“Money is a beautiful tool that can be used for tremendous good” ~ Marie Forleo

I would like to start today's episode with a quote from Marie Forleo. She says:  "Money is a beautiful tool that can be used for tremendous good!" What is your relationship with money? How does having money make you feel?


Let's imagine the following. You really want something, and you're excited. Yet, suddenly, you feel afraid because something stops you. It seems that you feel blocked or restless. It seems that you feel a sad or negative emotion, as if some sort of trigger from your childhood had been activated.

Many of our current fears come from our childhood. They come from the experiences we had. 

What did you hear when you were little? 

What did they tell you? 

What did you see? 

What did you live with? 

What did you experience?

And here comes the concept of limiting beliefs. 


Let's start with a game.

I will say a few sentences. Use your fingers to count how many of these phrases you heard when you were younger; how many of them you still believe to be true; or you just don't want to believe that they are true, but some emotion makes you feel that resonates within the truth inside you… If you would like you can always pause the episode and write down exactly which ones resonate for you. 

If you happen to have any doubts think on a scale from 0 to 10, where 0 is not believing in that sentence at all and 10 is believing it, being a limiting belief. It is important that you feel exactly 0 in all! The goal is to identify the beliefs you may have. And then, based on that, we move on to the solution I have for you. 


Let’s start.

• Money is not important

• Money does not buy happiness

• You'll never have the money to buy it

• It is not right to be rich while other people remain poor

• Wanting to earn more money is selfish

• I can't control becoming rich

• I don't have the talent to make €100,000 a year

• I will never have €1 Million, this is for politicians and footballers.

• I need to work a lot harder to earn more money

• Being rich is something for materialistic people

• Rich people think they're better

• Rich people are corrupt

• Rich people stole money, or they do illegal things

• I come from a poor family, so I will never be rich

• Keeping me poor keeps me humble

• I will never earn lots of money, so I shouldn't even worry

• I don't deserve to have a good life

• I need to remain broke to stay spiritual

• Money is the problem of many evils

• I need to work so hard to earn money that I won't have time for a family.

• Money is a limited resource

• It is very expensive to start a business

• More money means more problems

• It is impossible to earn a lot of money doing what I love

• The world is difficult

• I will never have the money for it.

Well, there are still a few statements left out and I believe you may have heard so many others. 

Which of these statements resonated as a limiting belief in you? 

Here I talk about resonating because according to Harv Eker, the author of the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, when the subconscious mind has to decide between deeply rooted emotions or logic, emotions tend to win almost always. Moreover, many of us grew up listening to negative beliefs about money. 

Then, he further states that if your motivation to acquire money or success is based on an unsupported root of fear, anger or the need to prove yourself, then money will never bring you happiness.

Now that you have identified some beliefs, I want you to make the most of today's episode by understanding how you can reprogram your mind to attract abundance in and throughout your life.

I want you to focus on this mantra: I have a millionaire mind.

This is so simple, but - believe me - it can really change your life. Write now on your phone, notebook or post it: I have a millionaire mind. I have a millionaire mind.



And now say to yourself:

All my beliefs are released. 

I choose to adopt a new way of thinking about money. 

I believe that money really leads to freedom and allows me to have a better life, such as helping more people around me. 

Based on this commitment, we will proceed with statements that may help you to resolve the beliefs that you have previously heard.

If you believe that it is not possible to reconcile money and a profession or that you cannot start a new business, say out loud:


I do what I love and help people and still make a big profit

I co-create my life and take inspired actions to make it the way I want it.

Starting my own business allows me to have an unlimited income

If you feel that money is a limited resource or not enough for everyone, or if, for example, in childhood you were raised with financial limitations, say:

There is enough money in the world for everyone

Money flows to me easily

Huge amounts of money circulate easily, passing through me too!

If you think that money is not important or does not bring happiness, then say:

Money gives me freedom

Money allows me to do things that greatly improve the quality of my life

Money allows me to help many people around me

Money is a resource that helps in my life and that of others

I can help others more when I have money than when I am broke!

It is important to understand that you have the power to change the direction of your life as of now. Just mind your thoughts and watch your actions. 

Some time ago, I learned with Bob Procter that your beliefs guide your thoughts, your thoughts create your feelings... your thoughts translate into actions (or lack thereof), and your actions are responsible for the results in your life. I believe that I will have already shared this sequence in one of the first episodes of this podcast. So, believe that being aware at this moment of your beliefs and observing your thoughts, especially the most dominant ones on each topic, allows you to identify and understand what is happening, as well as opening space to reprogram your life. Instead of living in automatically as if programmed by the past, you can create the life you desire, you manifest and attract abundance at all levels!

Repeat to yourself:



I also want to share another secret for you that I learned from Bob Proctor. Imagine that you want to buy something important for you, it could be a course, a tool, an outfit or even a piano! Instead of thinking “I will never have the money for this”, “it is very expensive”, “this is for those who have money”.

Reschedule yourself so that the automatic question in your mind is “what do I need to do to get it?", "how can I buy this piano? ", Or even, one that I have now automated" I will start making a statement to manifest this course that I want so much!". 

It's so simple! It was just in need of reprogramming. 

If you want, you can do it. 

Believe me!

My suggestion in today's episode is to choose one of the statements I mentioned and repeat it as many times as you can until you reprogram your mind. And then, you do the same with another statement.

At the same time, go to one of my meditations (you can find them on our website or in my profile in Insight Timer app) and play the Financial Abundance one! It is an audio of about 7 minutes in which you repeat the two most powerful statements about money that changed my life! Namely, I'm a money magnet! And, yet, “money flows to me in large quantities, in a natural and easy way, and through many sources, in a continuous way. 

These two statements are repeated over and over again with a musical base that connects you with a magical vibration! Also, if you love English, you can find this meditation in English too!

Besides, do you happen to have any beliefs that I didn't mention here? Write them down in the comment section or send me a message so we can work on it together! 

Let's reprogram, let's manifest an abundant life! You deserve it!!! 


"It’s more important to grow your income than cut your expenses. It’s more important to grow your spirit than cut your dreams." ~ Robert Kiyosaki


"Never say you cannot afford something. That is a poor man’s attitude. Ask HOW to afford it." ~ Robert Kiyosaki


Cover Photography by Christian Dubovan

  • 25 December 2020

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