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Meditation for Evening Routine

Creating a routine of gratitude and preparation for the next day is transformative, and undoubtedly a habit of successful people that leads to much more efficient productivity! So today I share with you a special meditation as a routine suggestion for this new year!

It has only 3 minutes and is to be performed at night, before going to sleep. It is my meditation for the Night Routine, which includes a moment of gratitude for the day, awareness for restful sleep, mentalizing the time to wake up and preparing for a natural and happy awakening. I emphasize that this meditation is not to sleep, but to prepare for the night.

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I am grateful for my day for the things that made me feel happy for the challenges that made me grow, for the insights that made me move forward.

I am grateful for the people I came across, the hugs I exchanged and the smiles I shared.

I am grateful for the love, kindness and health in my life.

I am especially grateful for the people I love, for my work, for my friends, for the money I receive continuously.

I am especially grateful for the abundance of good things in my life and for the positive thoughts in my mind.

I am especially grateful for feeling so grateful.

Now I'm going to have a peaceful night. My body will relax and recover energy. My mind is calm, able to reorganize events and ideas in a calm and positive way. And I let go of everything that is not positive for my rest. My body is as calm as the lake in the middle of the mountains. And I breathe in kindness and breathe out peace.

I fall asleep with a very pure positive energy. Every moment while I sleep is spent in perfect harmony. And while I sleep, I attract what I desire, because what I need is coming to me.

I will wake up exactly at ...

During this time I will wake up naturally, feeling full of energy and motivation to start the day. I'm going to wake up with a lot of energy, and I'm going to wake up wanting to meditate and I'm going to wake up happy. I always wake up with a strong feeling of love, because love is my nature.


  • 25 December 2020

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